Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Make up, Fake up

You speak of acting mature, but you're acting childishly.
You seem to be such a criticizing know-it-all, you might wanna start at watching your
spelling at that.

You're a hypocrite. Hate to burst it to you, but telling a lie too many times doesn't
make it true.

I don't care if you put a sturdy front of being so angelic and religious.
I won't care as long as you don't drag me down blaming all your faults on me just so to maintain your 'clean' image.

Me being quiet with the issue doesn't have to mean you're right all the way.

Stop pretending to be so innocent. There still are those besides the both of us who know
the truth.

Not everyone can you fool. Not everyone believes your lies.

And by the way, I read your Facebook status.  
People's statements may not seem to be making any sense to you, but if I were you I wouldn't judge and comment publicly that they were pretentious and nonsense because SMARTASS the statements were just way too deep for you. Stop embarrassing yourself :-)




  1. Your anger radiates through the screen.

  2. Could you? Hehe Just needed to vent out, feelin' better!