Friday, February 15, 2013


Sitting comfortably on my fixed bed.
Fronting my hanged clothes, door to my bodega, an unplugged electric fan and yes, my laptop.
Song playing on repeat: Don't Worry Baby by The Beach Boys

These past days I've been devoured by worry and stress. I allowed myself to be beaten by negativity.
It's so weird, I started my year with full force of optimism, claiming this year would be all about self improvement and better mindset. It's only been two months, and I've had so much set back.

Is it possible to fear happiness?

Thoughts all mixed up and juggled in my head. Forgive me for the flight of ideas. I just had a number of consecutive sleepless nights finishing something, my body was already crashing, I was advised to rest and eat properly. So now, i'm just jumping from one idea to another. Actually, jumping from one blog to another even; absorbing experiences and insights of people i don't even know.

It's so refreshing to read things you wouldn't hear a person say to you in a daily basis. Most of the blogs i read were of undisclosed identities blogging happenings they most likely couldn't tell most people around them.

Reading them made me feel nice and not alone.
Strangely, i am not alone.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Truth is:

Even if I say I'm finding my way back to my real self,

I'm still hella lost.

I've never felt this unnoticed.

And i realized

Just got home from church, lunch out, and movie house to watch Upside Down ( Jim Sturgess / Kirsten Dunst ).

I got loads of school work to finish, but here I am blogging my time away.

The movie doesn't go top 1 in my favorite movie list, but it was a good.

The idea/ setting of the movie though, it stunned me. For a lot of times I found myself direly in fascination with it's scenes. It was an entirely different world. But then again, I always love finding myself in something that's relatively new or different.

I'm amazed with the creativity the different teams behind the movie had. They sure have an eye for the beautiful exotic.

Realization for the day:

In watching films alone, I become myself the most.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Make up, Fake up

You speak of acting mature, but you're acting childishly.
You seem to be such a criticizing know-it-all, you might wanna start at watching your
spelling at that.

You're a hypocrite. Hate to burst it to you, but telling a lie too many times doesn't
make it true.

I don't care if you put a sturdy front of being so angelic and religious.
I won't care as long as you don't drag me down blaming all your faults on me just so to maintain your 'clean' image.

Me being quiet with the issue doesn't have to mean you're right all the way.

Stop pretending to be so innocent. There still are those besides the both of us who know
the truth.

Not everyone can you fool. Not everyone believes your lies.

And by the way, I read your Facebook status.  
People's statements may not seem to be making any sense to you, but if I were you I wouldn't judge and comment publicly that they were pretentious and nonsense because SMARTASS the statements were just way too deep for you. Stop embarrassing yourself :-)



Monday, October 10, 2011

All the other kids with the

One big humor.
Painful to kid about, but life is ironic.
No, i will not be quoting the Alanis Morrissette song, but please do feel free singing it.

This year for me has gone irony overload. Timing on events and on people, they've been in reverse.
I'm glad now that i've passed the phase of getting frustrated. I guess i'm already getting used to it. Either that or I just stopped overthinking.

I don't actually get how Blogger works. I'm just surprised to have found my way on writing a second blogpost considering my computer illiteracy. But i'd love to be a friendly stranger with a stranger here. I just have no idea how.

Foster The People's up on iTunes. GTG ( will be dancing around )


I just got discharged from the hospital, should be getting some rest by now.
I have no idea what I'm doing creating this blog. 
The songs playing on iTunes on this rainy night has controlled me once again.
My mind's running on nothing but nothing. And I'm itching all over. Damn aftereffects

I swear i'm squeezing out my creative juices just so to have written something somehow sensible on this post,

Okay i'll stop trying now i'm boring the hell out of myself.